Objectives of Ride

    • Support to true education is my tribute to Gandhi.

      I will be the change I seek.

      I pledge to teach at least ONE assigned lesson at an underprivileged school (within next 6 months).

  •     HISTORY
    • The Peace Ride is now a four year long tradition that has grown to celebrate the man who personified peace – Mahatma Gandhi!

      While the history of the ride is a short one - it is indeed a rich one.


      This is the year it all began! The Atlanta Foundation team, with strong support from the Joy of Giving volunteers organized the first edition of The Peace Ride with the plan of 15 people riding 15 kms around Necklace Road. On the event day, a 100 riders showed up! While this was a short event, every rider donated money on the spot to Ashray Akruti – an NGO for the hearing impaired.


                The success of the 2010 edition and the novelty of the concept led to an invitation from the AP Tourism Department. The 2011 edition was a resounding success with the participation of The Governor & The Chief Minister of AP. This event had the unique tradition of being the FIRST EVER Joy-of-Giving event of the year, having started at the mid-night of 2-October-2011. More than 500 riders and several volunteers took part in the event.


               The third edition of The Peace Ride went to the birth state of Mahatma Gandhi – Gujarat! More than 100 people, including Gujarat Policemen and Police Commissioner Mr. Ajay Tomar, joined this 70+KMs ride in Ahmedabad which started on the Sabarmati river front and culminated at Sabarmati Ashram.


               This year’s Peace Ride is the longest ride ever for our events exceeding 1200Kms. The Peace Riders will travel from Bapu Ghat in Hyderabad to Sabarmati in Ahmedabad covering 4 states and 8 cities. 44 signature riders will traverse these terrains and will be joined by 100 community riders in each city to celebrate 144 years of Mahatma Gandhi. Each signature rider will also raise up to Rs. 1 Lakh for various charitable causes through United Way. The last day of this event will inaugurate the Joy of Giving Week this year.


    • Raise awareness on the benefits of cycling & the need to support education

      Raise funds for various charitable causes through United Way of Hyderabad & Daan Utsav

      Reiterate Gandhian Principles

      And of course to spread the motto of Peace Ride –  Live the Conviction, Support Education!

    • THE REPUBLIC RIDE - 2015

      TAF’s signature cycling event, Republic Ride, will move to a new destination in its 6th edition. After 5 successful years in Hyderabad, this January 26, Chennai will be the new host city for one of the India’s biggest corporate cycling events. While the host city changes, everything else remains the same. The signature distance of the event is 100 KM, with shorter distance options for Joy Riders. Riders can enjoy the cycling experience; and riders and non-riders alike can enjoy plenty of entertainment activities, making this the perfect fami ly occasion to celebrate THE REPUBLIC DAY.

      UNITED INDIA RIDE - 2015

      The United India Ride is a novel cycling event to celebrate India’s Unity in Diversity during March at Delhi. The idea of the event is to go across major cities in the country to promote a sustainable transportation, health & wellness, and an eco-friendly India.

      THE FREEDOM RIDE - 2015

      The Freedom Ride is a novel cycling event to celebrate India’s independence on August 15th , Hyderabad.Riders can choose to ride any distance between 2KM to 68KM [for 68 years of freedom!] along a fully supported route and be an active ambassador for the sprint of freedom, health and fitness, sustainable transportation, and most importantly, education for the under-privileged.

      THE PEACE RIDE - 2015

      Now in its historic 6th year, this multi-day, multi-city event is organized to honor the Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi.This fully supported event will have 50 Signature Riders for the full route and thousands of local riders, all riding to celebrate the “Daan Utsav” (formerly, “Joy of Giving”) and to raise funds for our charity partner, United Way.

Signature Riders

Route Map

Maps from Day1 to Day7

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